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You have just entered a place where children's dreams of joyful and carefree fun meet adults' dreams of surrounding Children with beautiful, unusual and originally-designed products.We proudly emphasize that we were the first to introduce foam pools in jersey fabric to the market. You loved them and MiniBe has found its place in thousands of homes. Each of your orders, every kind comment, every photo of a smiling Little One that we receive from you is a huge satisfaction and a reward for our dedication to work. We create MiniBe as a family with great commitment. Thanks to this, you receive products tested, safe and of the highest quality.

For quite some time now we have been offering you not only MiniBe pools but also products from other well-known brands: accessories, toys, books, decorations. By ordering from us you are purchasing products that will bring joy to you and your loved ones.


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We are parents and it was our desire to make our Children happy and our fondness of unique, originally-designed products that gave rise to MiniBe dry pools. Never before have such products been on the market.

They are modern; they fit any interior design, and they are made from soft and safe materials. Yet, above all, they bring great joy to Children and ideally stimulate their development.

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