About MiniBe

We are parents and it was our desire to make our Children happy and our fondness of unique, originally-designed products that gave rise to MiniBe dry pools. Never before have such products been on the market. They are modern; they fit any interior design, and they are made from soft and safe materials. Yet, above all, they bring great joy to Children and ideally stimulate their development. How do we know that? We are Parents and the time spent with our Children is the best and the most inspiring we can ever experience. All the time we are discovering their needs and dreams and we are looking for products to satisfy them. That is the reason why our offer, apart from dry pools, also includes amazing slides and unforgettable rocking horses. And our imagination, like that of children's, is unlimited. So...

... join us in a place where children's dreams of joyful and carefree fun meet adults' dreams of surrounding Children with beautiful, unusual and originally-designed products.

MiniBe is a Polish brand. It is a family company. All MiniBe products in our offer are original, created and launched by us.

The components used for their production are of the highest quality and they come entirely from Poland.

We are also a distributor of the products of the unique German brand Jupiduu, whose products have amazing form and perfect quality.

Dry pools with balls comply with the requirements of the Directive of the European Parliament No. 2009/48/EC of June 18, 2009, on the safety of toys.

If you are looking for wonderful and safe products for Children, you have come to the right place :)