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The story of MiniBe is a family story. The way we see things around us and the way we spend our time has changed as our children came to this world. One day while playing on the playground, we had an idea to make a dry pool with balls that our children love so much, but one that would be just for us, to use at home. From the start, we knew that the pool had to have a modern form, a look that would fit perfectly in both the living room and the child's bedroom. We knew it had to be functional and, most importantly, fun. At night we sewed the first pool ourselves, there were many corrections, moments of doubt, but the result exceeded our wildest expectations. And not just ours - the pool was a favourite toy of all the kids that came to our house. We did not suspect at the time that the product of our imagination and creativity would become an indispensable element in modern children's bedrooms around the world.

We are parents of 3 wonderful Children. It is an incredible challenge, but also a pleasure, to accompany them as they grow up and discover themselves and the world around them. They are our greatest inspiration. We love spending time together: hike in the mountains, build sandcastles, ski, play with our Animals (a dog and 2 cats), read books, watch videos, sing out loud, laugh and cuddle.

Come visit us, get to know us and stay with us for a long time as you have just found a place where children's dreams of joyful and carefree fun meet adults' dreams of surrounding Children with beautiful, unusual and originally-designed products.

Marta i Kamil

When seeing our dry pools, most adults say: what a pity I didn't have one just like that when I was a kid!
So that was our desire to make children happy and our fondness of unique, originally-designed products that gave rise to MiniBe dry pools. They are modern and they fit any interior design. Yet, above all, they bring great joy to Children and ideally stimulate their development. All the time we are discovering Kids' needs and dreams and we are looking for products to satisfy them. That is the reason why our offer, apart from dry pools, also includes other functional and decorative MiniBe products as well as another brands' products that we have tested, we love and we use in our everyday life.

We don’t cut corners in the production of MiniBe dry pools :

  • we use the highest quality components
  • all production takes place in Poland
  • we are producing on a regular basis instead of keeping huge stock in order not to waste any components. That is why it may happen that you will wait slightly longer to receive your order- but you will not regret :)

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Polish brand

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Est. 2014 

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MiniBe dry pools are a registered industrial design certified with the Certificate of Registration from the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland, protection right number Rp. 23584

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The highest quality

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